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Okay lets' see.My favorite colours are blue and purple,I have the best family,and the best Ed and Alice in the ENTIRE world and I love them to death,I will do anything for them! I love Linkin Park(they are the BEST band ever,no contest!).I love Patrick Dempsey he is the BEST actor EVER!Kaka' is my FAVORITE footballer and I love Strawberry Shortcake!She is berry cool :) If I could do it all again,I would choose to be born in the 1970's!That time period to me looked like it was AWESOME!The music, food, clothes....EVERYTHING!I am really random and funny fun to be around and I can always make you laugh.I like to make and keep people happy.I am a good listener.And once I love and care about you,sorry but you are stuck with me FOREVER!You'll ALWAYS have me!No matter what!!I LOVE Strawberries and Cookies(all types of Cookies)!!I hate carrots(ick,ick)And I love to celebrate Christmas and Birthdays!I love to bake and hope to make a career out of it one day.I am a Catholic,(wouldn't change that for the world.Catholic's rule!)And I believe that EVERYTHING happens in it's own time and that it DOES happen for a reason(usually for the best.Yes people believe it or not God has it all planned out for the better.Cause he is AWESOME!)Generally I am an average weird(in a good way) person!And one of a kind.Yep that sums up Christianne for ya! :-p

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